Amstelveen, 30 December 2019

 Dear Momentum Protocol supporters,

As the year has come to an end, it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by.  Many things happened at the company and many milestones were reached.  As we are entering the new year it’s always a good opportunity to look back at the past year.

Here at Momentum Protocol we had many great moments and many challenges during 2019. After the change in management and opening our new R&D center, it is clear that the past year was a not an easy year, yet on the other hand I’m glad to see so many changes happening.

As the new CEO who comes from the traditional financial world, it took a while for me to get into the path and understand all the ins and outs of our company, the technology, the market, partners and ecosystem. For me personally, it was a serious challenge learning a new industry and to make matters even more challenging, 2019 was a period of strong reflection on the blockchain market after the amazingly bad year of 2018.

During 2018 the blockchain wild west happened with so many scams, drops in prices, extreme volatility and market skepticism. This did not help and of course made things much more challenging. I found out that the enterprise world needs a lot of educating and confidence building regarding blockchain, since many people connect blockchain with bitcoin and price speculation. However, once they understand the added value of the blockchain technology for the Loyalty market, it is exciting to see their change in attitude towards blockchain.

Non the less, we can also look back with pride and enumerate the accomplishments of our team over the past year. We on-boarded several new team members, are continuously building and improving our solution, negotiating cooperation with big enterprises but the most significant of all: we partnered up with Nielsen.  Nielsen has a technological investment fund focused on market research, consumer behavior, data analytics, and marketing and advertising solutions. Our collaboration is already bearing fruit as we were introduced to several enterprises from their network, who are very interested and enthusiastic about our solution.

We learned and improved a lot during the past year, and we are ready to make significant strides in the coming year of 2020, as further development of our platform continues steadily, and more companies are interested in the Momentum Alliance. Some of the major changes we have implemented is by even further focusing on AI (Machine Learning), which is a total game changing technology in the Loyalty market.

But most of all at the end of the year, I would like to say: Thank you! Thank you for your continued support of Momentum Protocol. Thank you to all our team members who work rigorously to make our story a spectacular success story. And last but not least, special thanks to Alexis Sirkia and Ariel Luedi, who continue to guide us on this exciting journey of Momentum Protocol.

Thank you guys, without you we couldn’t have done it. Again, we are only at the beginning; we aim to make 2020 the year that Momentum Protocol will rise and start to conquer the world of Engagement and Loyalty Rewards!


In this month’s newsletter:


●      Listing

●      Momentum Community Bonus Program

●      Product development – Israel visit




As usual, many have been asking on our social media channels “When will you be listed?”  I promise you that the listing date is on the horizon and getting more and more within reach every day.  All required documents have been furnished and all queries have been answered. There was a small pause due to the year end holidays but now listing process is resuming.

In general, we all know listing is pretty easy to achieve on the less lucrative exchanges, but not so much on the important ones, so you can imagine the time, effort and focus that Alexis our Chairman of the advisory board and Juergen our CMO are putting into driving our listing strategy , which is to list in a smart way. We hopefully very soon will be getting the GO sign and we will be able to share that momentous news with you! We appreciate your patience!


Momentum Community Bonus Program

During my last visit to South Korea I pre-announced the launch of our Momentum Community Bonus Program. The idea behind the bonus program is to incentivize a lockup of tokens and as the date of the listing approaches, we are getting ready to launch the registration procedures for the extra bonus tokens.  The extra bonus tokens can be earned in the following way:


1- From the date of listing, the bonus for the first year is 30%.

2-During the second year of listing, every month an additional 3% bonus can be earned, totaling a whopping 66% bonus for the first and the second year! This is excellent news for the token holders but also good for the staking ecosystem.

How can token holders earn their bonus tokens? We will soon make a link available where any token holder can register his/her ETH wallet address. At the listing date, we will register all the balances of all the registered ETH wallet addresses. If the token holder will keep all his tokens in his wallet during the first year of listing, at the end of the first year a bonus of 30% will be paid out.

Same for the second year: any token holder that will not sell his tokens during the second year, will earn a monthly 3% extra bonus. As mentioned, the program commencement date and full rules will be the listing date.

Once registered, we will of course need to confirm all information provided, before you are deemed eligible to take part.


Product development – Israel

At the start of the second week of December, our lead developer Terence and I travelled to the R&D center in the beautiful city of Caesarea – built by Herod the Great in 25-13 BC as a major coastal port.

The R&D Center is led by Itay, the CTO, which has developers working hard on driving further features in our Momentum solution. During our visit we had the opportunity to brainstorm face-to-face about the product functionality and technical challenges that are ahead of us.

While most of the communications between our offices in the Netherlands and Israel are online, it is always fun to meet face-to-face. Besides, we were also enjoying the great Mediterranean food they serve in Israel 😉.


That was the update for this period and for this year! The past year has been a very interesting year for Momentum Protocol, full of activity, changes and exciting developments. It has been a year where we have seen big changes in the blockchain world, a total shift in how blockchain is used and how it drives value and of course some challenges with such a turbulent market.


As we enter the new year of 2020, again I would personally like to thank all our valued supporters, partners and eco system for their continuous support of our project and vision. I also would like to thank the team at Momentum Protocol for all their tremendous hard work and incredible levels of enthusiasm in 2019.


Wishing everybody a healthy, peaceful and successful 2020!



Best regards,

David Mock

CEO Momentum Protocol




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