Mobile Bridge’s proposition is once again confirmed in the Burger King app.

Mobile Bridge’s assumption that rewarding customers for completing a specific action will lead to higher customer engagement was confirmed by Burger King last week.

The fast-food chain got national attention in the United States for offering 1-cent Whoppers to those who drove up to a McDonald’s location (and then, presumably, drove away to redeem their BK coupons). Key to the stunt was the brand’s app, which unlocked the offer when it detected users approaching a McDonald’s.

The Burger King app was downloaded more than 1 million times since Whopper Detour launched on Tuesday, and it’s currently No. 1 among free software in the Apple App Store. That puts Burger King’s app, for now at least, above app giants like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Amazon. (The McDonald’s app, in case you’re curious, is currently at No. 42.)

“Whopper Detour” may have seemed like an odd move—Who actively sends customers to a rival’s doorstep?—but it worked, in terms of both publicity and app downloads. This again demonstrates that rewarding customers for specific actions leads to higher customer engagement and more purchases, an assumption that Mobile Bridge has already proven with Burger King Russia in the past.

For Burger King Russia, Mobile Bridge built an integrated, engaging mobile app that rewarded BK-customers loyalty points (‘crowns’) for specific actions such as app utilization, promotion redemption, and survey completion.

Without any mass marketing or advertising, BK Russia has seen tremendous organic growth in the number of app installs in the first 90 days, demonstrating the increased perceived value to customers. They’ve seen promotion redemption rates in excess of 34% after 90 days, driving additional traffic into the restaurants.

Additionally, survey completion rates were a remarkable 85%+ for the same time period. This indicates that their users are engaging with the app and are open to providing more information. This creates a more personalized experience and generates higher engagement rates. With the personalized experience, Mobile Bridge helps brands in making earning loyalty points relevant again.

But now, Mobile Bridge goes even further in increasing brand relevancy, by enabling customers to swap points between loyalty programs with Momentum Protocol. This means that customers will be able to use their loyalty points earned with Brand X for an incredible offer they want to use at Brand Z. A customer’s appreciation for Brand X will then increase, as they perceive the possibility to swap to Brand Z as a personal service offered by Brand X.

Maybe developments like these will trigger Burger King and McDonald’s to work together in a global loyalty alliance one day? Only time will tell!

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