Momentum Protocol End of Year Message

Dear Momentum Protocol Supporter,

About this time one year ago, the Momentum Protocol project was starting to take shape. We created a project that we believed was addressing a real-world problem; misfiring loyalty programs that had lost their relevance for both consumers and the companies that used them. We had opted to use blockchain technology to help us create a new standard for loyalty programs globally and unlock functionality that would revive customer loyalty solutions. I remember us working over the Christmas period in order to finalise our Whitepaper, the blueprint for our project, only breaking for a quick bite of Christmas dinner and New Year’s wishes in the process.

We were on the verge of getting on an incredible, all-absorbing rollercoaster ride that called on all emotions from high to low, as we joined this new, rapidly developing blockchain industry and crypto-currency centric world. However, we were no ‘normal’ start-up, we were no ‘crypto-fad’; we had a viable business model, based on a strong technology-led approach and the backing of an incredible team of backers and advisors. And now, almost exactly a year later, I am incredibly proud to say we are on the verge of publicly releasing our product into the market and listing the Momentum Token on the exchange – what an incredible year it’s been!

2018 was the year that saw Momentum Protocol become reality: from concept to company. With leaders from the global software & technology industry such as Alexis Sirkia, Carsten Thoma, Prof. John Henry Clippinger, Ariel Luedi and Prof. Youngsook Park taking on key positions in Momentum’s Management and Advisory Board, we have laid the foundations for a global success story. Only recently we shared the latest updates with our project participants and I invite you to have a look as well. A recording of that session can be found here.

Over the year we have travelled thousands of miles, attended events globally and had countless fascinating conversations with people everywhere, not only face to face, but also online. Our social following has increased to almost 15,000 people and our reach through our social network is over 2.5M people – quite incredible.

But, the big job is still ahead of us. I am proud that thanks to our approach to do things diligently and properly, with a view on the long-term success of our business, we have been able to sustain a very tough year in the crypto-currency market. Despite the major impact it has had, we came through it a stronger and more determined business, that has continued to attract companies and individuals that are looking to be a part of our journey.

Next year will see the public launch of our product in the market, our listing on the exchange and, hopefully even more companies and consumers using our platform. We have plenty of hard work ahead of us, but the entire team is ready for it. The initial feedback on our solution has been incredibly positive. Our go-to- market has been gathering pace and we already have several companies pushing us to work with them. Without your support over the last 12 months we would not have been where we are today and for that I, and the rest of the Momentum team, would like to thank you. We are very excited to enter the next stage of our journey and go into 2019 together with you!

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to wish you, your family and friends all the very best over the coming holiday season and am looking forward to being in touch again early in the next year.

All the very best,

Kees de Vos. CEO, Momentum Protocol

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