Amstelveen, 10 August 2019

Dear Momentum Protocol Supporters,

We are deep into the summer season in Switzerland and the Netherlands.  Heatwaves and holidays are what everyone is talking about in this part of the world.  We have nevertheless been keeping cool in the offices here while continuing to work diligently.

While it’s a challenging prospect to make even small strides while many are on holiday, enjoying time away with family and friends, we have nonetheless been able to make steps toward our goals these past several weeks and we would like to inform you of some of them in this latest update.

As you are probably aware, we are working day and night to further develop our solution in optimal form for our customers, while diligently working together with our partners to drive and ensure the best user experience we can offer.

We can also announce to you that we recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the CEO and Co-founder Daniel Le Coulliard of Future Resources LTD.

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Listing
  • Partnership building
  • Singapore summit


The listing has been on the forefront of everyone’s minds and you have naturally been eagerly awaiting any news concerning this subject.  We are very happy to inform that we have completed submission applications to several cryptocurrency exchanges.  We would of course love to disclose more information in this regard(!) however, due to Swiss regulations we are currently unable to do so.

Our applications will soon be in the acceptance and processing stage and I will, fingers crossed, have more information to give to you very soon!  Please bear with us and understand that we will relay any important and concrete information in relation to the listing through our various outlets as soon as it is made available to us.

The listing process is a complicated and lengthy journey, and as we want to make sure to be listed at the best possible exchanges, we are putting all our best efforts in the listing process. Listing requirements vary depending on the platform and the reputable exchanges are selective in their token listings. Each platform has developed its own set of verification requirements, geographical limitations, fee applications, etc. Some exchanges even request to see the actual code for themselves, to verify its security and legitimacy. Of course we make sure to be in full compliance with all necessary requirements and submit all requested information.


Partnership Building

We have in the past several weeks been able to hold meetings with some AAA companies to discuss some concrete business. As an example, one of the companies is one of the world’s largest and most well-known corporations with more than 140.000 employees. We have had discussions with them for about 6 months now and we have met a very high level decision making executive last week as part of our negotiation.

If we manage to strike a deal with this company (as well as many others we are talking to) – we believe it will be extremely impactful.

As we are still in the negotiation process we are as well unable to disclose the specific details of these agreements until the necessary paperwork has been signed and until we have a green light from some of their legal departments.  Again, fingers crossed that I will be able to relay some surprisingly good information very soon!

What I can share with you is that one of our partner’s representatives Daniel Le Coulliard from Future Resources LTD visited us recently and we were able to sign an MoU agreement, stating the intended collaboration between the Momentum Protocol and their software solution, the Aison platform The MOU is intended to be replaced soon with a full commercial agreement and we will inform you once this is done.

Future Resources LTD is a software development company, specialized in Brand loyalty, Engagement and development of mobile applications. It is at the forefront of the digital solutions innovation, delivering targeted, immersive and dynamic content, creatively aligned with the interests of their customers. Specialized in creation of tailor-made digital solutions, they believe that the Momentum Protocol will be a valuable addition to their product lineup.

The Aison platform enables the creation of a dedicated Web and mobile app. The platform has an extensive set of options that enables companies to realize functionality simply by selecting the pre-built modules that support them. It is specialized in integrating barcode scanning, Shopping Cart, Vouchers, Loyalty Points, Virtual Scratch Cards, and many other features.

One of their developments is the Pacer2  app. It is an electronic pacesetter (rabbit) that is installed around an athletics track, which allows individuals and groups of runners to apply specific and time-based training schedules by means of a visual aid. It guides the runner on duration, speed and interval. The desired PACE is constantly in sight, giving the athlete continuous information and motivation during his or her performance. The cost-effective integration in existing infrastructure makes it a financially interesting investment, resulting in an even more attractive running sport. Together, with the Momentum Protocol solution, it will be able to reward their users with the Momentum Token, creating a win-win situation for both runners and SPORT Technologies, owner of the Pacer2 technology and its partners.

The cooperation with Momentum Protocol will create strong Brand loyalty and drive revenue for our customers. This revolution in Loyalty marketing and Engagement will create new forms of brand expression and engagement for the mobile world. With our cooperation we aim for a tight integration between the Momentum Protocol and the Aison platform.

D. Le Coulliard, CEO and Co-Founder of Future Recourses LTD.

We are extremely excited to announce the cooperation with Future Recourses LTD. Daniel and his team has developed a world standard platform, bringing real value to its users, driving revenue and creating profit. Their clients have been using loyalty programs in some form or another, however, in this new digital era of personalized marketing new solutions are needed. Momentum Protocol will be the trend-setter in loyalty-building programs, inspiring others to follow our lead as a disruptor in our industry” as stated by Mr. Mock, CEO and Co-Founder of Momentum Protocol.

You can see how the Pacer2 app works here.


Singapore Summit

Toward the end of July one of our co-founders Eyal Oster and CMO Juergen Hoebarth headed to the World Blockchain Summit held in Singapore.

South Asia’s most elite gathering of curated investors, the show was attended by blockchain experts, ICOs/STOs/IEOs, FinTech experts, IT leaders, global industry experts and business owners from the global blockchain community.

Featured discussions included the future of crypto funds, global regulatory landscape and the transformational power of blockchain for use in gaming, supply chain, healthcare and financial services.

Speakers at this event that stood out to our team were Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of Cardano Foundation in Switzerland and Alex Mashinsky, CEO and Founder of Celsius Network in the UK. Both held very interesting talks on the subject of how we can work toward the adoption of blockchain in every day applications.

All in all it was a very successful learning and networking experience for everyone involved.

As always, I would like to conclude with a sincere thank you for your continued support.  As the month of August rolls on, we will continue working on making this project a success and look forward to updating you again with some exciting news in the near future!

Best regards,

David Mock

CEO Momentum Protocol

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