News Update May 2019

Malta, 25th May 2019

Dear Momentum Protocol supporters,

I would like to start with an apology. As many of you already know, I joined Momentum Protocol to replace our former CEO Kees de Vos who had been busy running the company for close to two years.

For those of you who have gone through my LinkedIn profile – you can probably note that I come from a more “traditional” background. I have been involved in many businesses and ventures – some of which are quite substantial. I have performed many roles throughout the years including being a board member in one of the largest publicly listed companies in Israel.

I believe that a Blockchain tech company (like any company) is built upon real business fundamentals and that the standard laws of business still apply. However, I have also learned that there is so much more to learn about the world of Blockchain which is different from “traditional” business. It involves many things which have been new to me.

To smooth over my transition and make it a more successful one I have been working with some great individuals. They have been helping me with various “new” Blockchain related issues. One of these individuals is Juergen Hoebarth who is highly respected in the Blockchain community and Blockchain project expert. He has been working very closely with us and is helping tremendously with everything having to do with listing and marketing.

I have also been working with Alexis Sirkia – a well-known Blockchain expert who has in the past established GSR, the market making company related to Ripple.

I would therefore like to apologize to all of you. Although I’ve been doing my very best, it has been quite a steep learning curve for me to get myself up-to-date (and I’m still learning!). One of the vital lessons I have learned is about  being more present in the community. Since I would like to converse with our community personally (not through our marketing department) I prefer to write the newsletters myself. Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in one day to accomplish every task on my list! I have set myself goals to publish more frequent updates in the future and provide clearer communication with the community. Life is one big classroom!

Moving forward!

I recently visited the Malta Blockchain summit – which was also a part of my learning process.

Juergen Hoebarth urged me to join him at this important Blockchain event which presented us with the opportunity to meet a number of important players/partners. I’m very happy that I decided to join.  I found the event extremely productive and well worth the couple of days of travel.

April has definitely been a super busy month for me as well as for the whole team. In addition, I would like to update you on some important topics:


I would like to begin by touching on this very important topic.  Let me start by saying this – listing is taking more time than I was personally aiming for.  A few reasons for the delay and some background:

Difficult Market

When I joined this company, the crypto market environment was in a challenging place. Firstly, it was a market with virtually no buying activity.  Secondly, it was a period when hacking was prevalent – and a step-up in regulatory demands was required.

Therefore, one of the main challenges I faced as the chief decision maker was how to successfully move forward with listing. I was very pleased to see the market finally getting a breath of fresh air in April and May. Of course, you can all imagine that listing was and is a very important topic.

3rd Party

Before I joined Momentum Protocol – there was an agreement with a 3rd party organization to help us with driving the listing process. Unfortunately however, due to some issues related to their organization, they simply could not deliver. I decided that we would move forward independently.

To help push the process forward we are getting the very close help of Juergen Hoebarth and Alexis Sirkia who personally have connections with many of the heads of exchanges. We are also very happy to be getting the support of Ariel Luedi (our chairman and ex. CEO of Hybris). Ariel, a Zug resident, is very involved in the Swiss Blockchain scene.  He is also a very well known investor and successful businessman.


To add to the complexity a bit – some of the more trusted exchanges required more regulatory paperwork. I have been dealing with this issue working along with our Swiss lawyer who has been in turn working with regulators. The good news is that this issue is now happily behind us.

So despite what is written above, the news is simple: we are progressing with listing. We really are.

I know many of you will ask and have asked: “David – can you give me a precise date of the listing?” – and honestly I really do want to give you a date, however due to Swiss regulations I simply cannot make promises such as exact dates.

What I can promise you? That I am on it! I know that everyone is anxiously awaiting details and I am crossing my fingers that I’m able to update all of you with positive news very soon!

Momentum Protocol in Seoul

I have just recently returned from a very fruitful trip to Seoul, South Korea where I was joined by Juergen Hoebarth.  We spent a week in this beautiful country where we were welcomed and hosted by Professor Youngsook Park.

The goals of this trip were:

  • create business partnerships and strengthen existing ones
  • meet potential business customers

To help us with these goals, we had the assistance of Professor Youngsook Park, who is a friend of the Momentum Protocol project as well as a token holder.

We were able to meet with a good number of companies in different verticals who provide innovative services and who are interested in implementing the Momentum protocol to improve their customer loyalty.  Over 15 Memorandums of Understanding were signed with these companies and some of them also expressed interest in joining the Momentum Alliance!

In between numerous meetings to discuss partnerships, we were also able to hold the Futures and Momentum conference with local supporters, where Momentum protocol was showcased.  Here we were able to speak about the changing future of customer loyalty and how Momentum sits in a prime position to be able to deal with these changes. There were of course also opportunities for a little downtime and relaxation.  You can read all about my day-to-day goings-on in Seoul in my travel journal which I hope to post on the Momentum website soon!

Customer Loyalty and Engagement programs can make or break a company. As programs have been growing rapidly, they are also very problematic due to inefficiencies in the build-up, lack of liquidity, lack of customer engagement and many other issues. Momentum Protocol technology can help realize the full potential of these Customer Loyalty programs. Any company with a customer base which they wish to retain, engage and keep happy – can take note of the added value, gained efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced brand loyalty that this powerful technology can provide.

We are excited to announce that in Korea we were able to sign preliminary partnership agreements with a number of local and international companies who recognize the vast potential of Momentum Protocol technology, including:


AdSharing is a global leader in the ad sharing platform market.  Their unique concept, using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display (PDLCD) film, can transform any glass surface into a high-tech advertising billboard. Any digital content can be displayed on these surfaces, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The PDLCD solution can be used in many industries, like automotive, aviation, educational institutes, museums, hotels, offices, but also at the traditional places where a consumer would find digital ads: at retail shops, on outdoor kiosks, etc.

Adsharing aims to create a worldwide “shared advertising platform”, with the ability to generate revenue for practically anyone that will install the PDLCD technology and will display promotions on it. This shared advertising platform can be of great benefit to Momentum Protocol, offering the reseller the ability not only to advertise, but also to offer the option to launch their own Blockchain-based branded-token.

ATA Club

ATA Club is the world’s first blockchain based life sports matching platform for the creation of an amateur and life-sports ecosystem. Features on its platform include:

  • An integrated social sports community for all sporting events, and provides location-based information service URS (User Radar System) to facilitate sports activities and make them more easily accessible.  All participants can then receive compensation for taking part in platform activities!
  • Team and league activities for participants in the existing community to create an upgraded ecosystem by expanding the scope of sports activities.
  • A database of lifestyle sports instructors and a space for participants to communicate directly, providing a stable source of supply for systematic lessons from professional sports instructors.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence and big data to provide advertisers data to keep marketing optimized for sports advertisers and industry groups.

Double Chain

Double Chain is a leading blockchain platform development company. Its goal is to establish a blockchain ecosystem that connects the world, thus driving the prosperity of human life through blockchain technology.

Double Chain provides blockchain based IoT development, Blockchain consulting, cryptocurrency and crypto exchange development. The Double Chain platform is applicable by function to various services such as smart home devices and facial recognition access control systems.

Double Chain expressed its interest in teaming up with Momentum Protocol to be the first integrator in Seoul, deploying and implementing the Momentum Protocol solution for our Korean customers. We are looking forward to teaming up with the Double Chain team and build a local partnership that will benefit the Korean market.


Shieldcure is a Multi- biometric Authentication-based Identity Information Platform.  It develops technology in the field of Physiological Biometrics: face recognition, fingerprint, and iris recognition. It also provides Behavioral Biometrics, like the way a customer uses his signature, or uses its voice.

Shieldcure plays a role in transactions and authentications of the data economy ecosystem by using ID COIN, the standard network currency. Users can trade digital assets and safely possess personal information without a middleman by using various block chain services provided by Shieldcure such as Certification, Payments, Exchanges, etc. Shieldcure’s ultimate goal is to establish a block chain based data information ecosystem, through personalization of information.

Shieldcure provides a digital identity for a value of capital and information, based on powerful security and accessibility. Security is the main focus of this company: it will develop technology that detects unusual activity in mobile payments, P2P transactions or digital wallets.

Shinwon Resort

Shinwon Resort is a prestigious and award winning resort and hotel operator with 8 locations throughout the country.  Along with accommodation, Shinwon Resort also offers its guests car rental, golf and waterpark facilities.

Shinwon Resort CEO: “We are thrilled to meet the Momentum Protocol CEO David Mock and his team. As a company dealing with many customers on a daily basis, we understand the added value of a Blockchain based Loyalty program and are looking forward to the opportunity of rewarding our valued customers with our own branded token.”


VISA Tech is a Digital Signage company established in 2009 who has completed over 600 digital signage related projects.  They utilize the newest in digital signage technologies to create a dynamic and visually engaging customer experience for businesses and retailers.

With over a decade of experience in display development and innovative solutions, they recently expanded into providing content and cloud based services as service providers.  Offering extended, blockchain-based services, for example: enabling their clients the ability to launch a Loyalty program with their own branded token, is only the next natural step in their customer-journey development.

After my initial meeting on the first day of my trip, the CEO and owner of Visatech, Choe-Bong Gyu, invited me over to their R&D center and assembly facility.

I had a tour at their facility and we discussed possibilities regarding embedding our Momentum solution in digital billboards, kiosks and POS systems (Point of Sale systems). The added value of our solution was obvious to all of us, and we brainstormed most of the afternoon how we can maximize a cooperation between our companies.

Other updates

The time also came to say goodbye to our former CEO, Kees de Vos. At the end of March we all got together and had a great evening in Amsterdam at his farewell bash.

The team headed out to the bowling alley, where we shared a meal and then held a friendly but not so friendly competition at the bowling lanes.  (It was a close game!)

The team would like to use this opportunity to wish all the best to Kees and thank him for all his hard work.  All the best in  your future endeavors!

New Netherlands Location

As the lease period of our office space in the Netherlands came to an end, we went on a search for a suitably sized office space that was a little closer to the center of Amsterdam.  We are happy to have recently found an appropriate location.

Our new office address is:

Bavincklaan 7

1183 AT Amstelveen

The Netherlands

That was this period’s update for now.  What can you expect to hear about from me soon?  I am doing everything in my/our power to make this project one of the most successful Blockchain projects ever, and the first actual blockchain-based solution that will prove the added value of the blockchain. Listing is progressing.  It is our top priority and will be updating you as quickly as updates come in.

An important update on the Israel office and team will be following soon in the next newsletter!

Best regards,

David Mock

CEO Momentum Protocol

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