Momentum Protocol and IoT.

Data is the foundation of every Loyalty and rewards program. In a Loyalty and rewards program the consumer’s data is collected, analyzed and leveraged to effectively drive the desired outcome. Loyalty programs are a reliable source of customer information and are very well suited for collecting data that is driven by the customers, not only by the brand. This data is the key to the prediction and shaping of customer behavior. We consider Loyalty programs as an effective data-collection funnel, more effective at clustering, targeting, and influencing future shopping behaviors. 

At Momentum Protocol we are utilizing blockchain technology to create a new generation of loyalty assets that are interchangeable.  We are also introducing the use of AI and Machine Learning technology to the world of Loyalty programs.  This is done mainly by collecting and analyzing consumer driven data. Companies will soon be better adapted to predicting user behavior, and in turn, be able to create more value for their loyalty programs by use of this data.

One of the major growing technologies in terms of adoption and driving data is the Internet of Things: “IoT”. IoT plays an important role in the 4th industrial revolution and we are at a point where its adoption is reaching critical mass.

IoT will be one of the most important complementing technologies for our ecosystem and we are committed to incorporate IoT technologies as part of our Momentum Protocol solution.

We are working towards a collaboration with some extremely well established IoT companies in the field of Loyalty programs.  We have been taking part in some productive discussions with them over the past several months and I am happy to say that these discussions are progressing very well.

To further show our commitment and support for AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT solutions, we have decided to join our partners at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit on the 7th & 8th of November.  We will also have the honor of co-hosting the IoT Implementation of the Year Award for 2019!

We look forward to meeting with many partners, exchanges and token holders at the event and wish it much success.


Hoping you all have a wonderful day and I will keep you posted on the progress!

David, Momentum Protocol CEO